Info VGMC very important for potential investors who want berinevstasi in vgmc, so they do not hesitate to invest in virgin gold after studying the info vgmc.

Info vgmc this is where the first vgmc address, Department of Customer Services (Customer Service) VGMC operate 24 hours a day to provide the best service to contact the following address:

Virgin Gold Mining Corporation

Torre Global Bank Building

Calle 50 and Calle 50 Este

Piso 31, Oficina 3105

Panama City, Republic of Panama

Phone: +507.8365099

Fax. : +507.3925420

I have often phoned +507.8365099 and always served (always removed) it's just sometimes hard to get, it's because a lot of contact terlau vgmc. but if you are able to go then you will be served, I often phoned to vgmc in Panama to get info vgmc.

You can also obtain information by clicking the following link vgmc. You will get additional information about the info vgmc.

On 30 September 2011, VGMC or Virgin Gold Mining Corporation to open office in Dubai's premium. 5 the investor from Riau Thailand several investors from the region get free invitation package worth U.S. $ 10,000 to attend the opening ceremony and prove VGMC addresses in Dubai:


Office 25c

Jumaerah Emirates Towers

Trade Center Area

Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road


Phone: +971 4386 1355

Fax: +971 4386 0227

Usually all transaction reports relating to changes in the profile, credit transactions vgmc report will be sent SMS, such as SMS banking at the bank,

Besides regular VGMC Gala Dinner held in Thailand in the city Be it a new week or more cities in Thailand.

Hopefully with this vgmc address information to increase your confidence in vgmc investment to collect data from the info vgmc.