Sunday, July 15, 2012


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VGMC Thailand is VGMC support blog and discussions where shareholders VGMC (VGCPS) and prospective shareholders. All parties may submit enquiries about VGMC or shares to prospective shareholders who wish to obtain further information about the stock VGMC. However the party let all follow the rules for participant.


Given the many groups VGMC mainly from Thailand who are less active, while many shareholders who wish to obtain information about the price of gold and would like to inquire about stock issues VGMC, for it is expected by the web VGMC Thailand can help.


The shareholders will get revenue such as:
- Profit sharing 10% each month.
- Buying and selling gold on every Monday - Friday (24 hours).
- Bonus promotion, if the new shareholders enter the group ID.
- Group bonus left and right.


Virgin Gold is going issued Convertible Preferred Stocks (CPS) / Convertible Preference Shares and invite investors around the world who are interested to take this offer. The price offered is USD1.15/unit, new shareholders a minimum purchase of 1000 units = USD1150. Each shareholder will receive for the results of 10% in the number of shares of each month in the form of gold (gold ounces) and can be converted to USD or Euro or other currencies as well.
Here we also offer a credit sale VGMC, shareholders of both countries Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, or who require other currencies:
For Thailand the transaction can be done through:
- Bangkok Bank
- Kasikorn Bank
- SBC Bank



Since its founding in 1999, Virgin Gold Mining Corporation grew quickly and became one of the leading gold exploration and mining in the world and a young and dynamic organization with global reach and international perspective. Based in Panama, a foreign tax-free jurisdictions internationally, Virgin Gold applied various offshore facilities to facilitate business operations in the country. This means we can achieve a good income and a tax-free dividend to our shareholders around the world.

With approximately 500 employees, Virgin Gold is managed efficiently, in which every employee in the organization understand the mission, vision and corporate philosophy. Even our relatively young age, Virgin Gold has a better structure, and is managed by a wiser and more financially economical than other similar organizations, making it optimal for exploiting the volatility in financial markets today.

Executive council responsible for running the day-to-day corporate operations while the board of directors make decisions and take decisions on major issues according to the suggestions of various committees. The Committee supports the Board of Directors in evaluating the risks, setting remuneration and monitoring the integrity of financial statements. Meanwhile, the external and internal accountants to work together to ensure that every operation can achieve the goal, the maximum benefit of shareholders, and corporate grow larger.

Virgin Gold is currently operating in Africa and South America and focus on increasing shareholder value through a joint venture, acquisition, exploration and development of large-scale gold projects are possible.